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  1. Etui textile pour jumelles Fujinon 7x50

    Soft case for Fujinon 7x50 binoculars
    € 18.00
    Out of stock
  2. Jumelles Fujinon - 10x70 F MT SX2

    Fujinon binoculars - 10x70 F MT SX2
    Regular Price: € 1,206.00 Special Price: € 915.60
    Out of stock
  3. Jumelles Fujinon - KF 10x42 W

    Jumelles Fujinon - KF 10x42 W
    Regular Price: € 726.00 Special Price: € 653.40
    Out of stock
Fujinon Binoculars - 10x60 HB
Whether you are a hiker or pleasure boater, a photo or game hunter, FUJINON 10x60 HB binoculars will satisfy your every need. A must for observation...
Compact Travel binoculars!
When travelling the need for compact, lightweight binoculars are essential.
Try FUJINON binoculars! Compact travel models!
Professional Binoculars

At sea and on land
... Professionals need binoculars properly suited to their activities and constraints.
Buoyant, shockproof, waterproof, etc.
FUJINON binoculars are perfect from all points of view!
Pleasure Boating

Now offers the complete FUJINON line to the public.
Our products meet all your needs: simple hiker, seasoned backpacker, pleasure boater, theatre and horse racing connoisseurs, avid ornithologists, occasional or passionate astronomers, long-haul navigators or tourists, etc. also offers a complete line of accessories, as well as professional
maintenance and repair service guaranteed by FUJINON.
Image-Stabilized and Night-vision Binoculars
FUJINON has developed image stabilization and night vision technologies that are unequalled to date. FUJINON are the leading binoculars for deep-sea fishing, maritime semaphore surveillance, Customs aeroplanes and helicopters, forest surveillance, etc.
Astronomy Binoculars
The 25x150 and 40x150 binoculars are the largest binoculars in the world and are perfect for astronomical observation.

Launch yourself into the stars! 
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